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FCF Fontanafredda Cold Forging at TransvalorTechDays

December 2022   

FCF Fontanafredda Cold Forging Srl successfully participated in the TransvalorTechDays in Bergamo, once again demonstrating its leading role in the sector.

During this important conference, our experts, Luca Salamon and Giovanni De Savi, shared their long experience in using TRANSVALOR’s ColdForm simulation software.


ColdForm allows us to study the feasibility of cold-formed steel and aluminum products, tackle the design in collaboration with our Customers, save on mold costs, reduce the development time of new products and improve the geometry of the molds.


One of the most important aspects that allows us to provide reliable answers and products to our Customers is the chance to conduct in-depth analyzes using simulation software. With ColdForm we are able to predict and confirm the formation of cracks due to the physiological deformation of the material in the cold forming process. In addition, we can analyze molding load, improve tooling sequence, simulate torsion tests, and conduct material strength analysis.


Thanks to these advanced features, we are able to optimize the cold forming process and guarantee the quality of our products. ColdForm helps us identify potential issues and implement the appropriate solutions early in the design process. This saves us time and money, without doing physical tests, giving our Customers faster, better and more efficient results.


Participation in TransvalorTechDays was an important opportunity to share our expertise and discover the latest innovations in the simulation and cold forming sector. We are proud to have been selected as protagonists of this conference and we will continue to invest in cutting-edge technologies to offer the best services to our Customers.


FCF Fontanafredda Cold Forging Srl is determined to remain a point of reference in the cold forging sector, offering cutting-edge solutions and maintaining a close collaboration with our Customers to guarantee the success of their projects.


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