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After the visit of the final year students of the I.Svevo secondary school in Fontanafredda, we are pleased to have extended our informative embrace to parents as well.

Together with other local companies and the Director of the Pordenone University Pole, we had the opportunity to present our company to parents. These, who play a crucial role in guiding their children towards the choice of secondary hig school, were able to explore our company.

Passion, creativity, innovation and sustainability, these were the key words of the evening. We shared our vision of the future, focusing on the professional figures who, already today and even more so in the future, will be called upon to make a significant contribution in the company


We would like to thank the City of Fontanafredda, the teachers of the Fontanafredda Institute and the parents for providing this ‘school-to-work’ meeting space.

In an ever-changing world, guiding young people in their choice of education is a collective responsibility, and we are enthusiastic to contribute to this process.

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