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Awarded the ITS Academy sticker and renewed the BAQ sticker to FCF Fontanafredda Cold Forging for the training of young people

We are pleased to announce that alongside the renewed recognition for the BAQ 2022 stamp, Confindustria also awards FCF a second stamp for Enterprise in the ITS Academy (BITS).

What is it about? Prestigious awards reserved for companies “that stand out for the quality of the alternating school-work courses activated by promoting virtuous collaborations with upper secondary schools and vocational training centres”.

The objective of the BAQ and the BITS is precisely to enhance the companies which, by launching school-work alternation courses and collaborating with various schools, choose to provide training courses in order to concretely favor the inclusion of young people in companies and improve them employability.

A decidedly important title for FCF, which rewards the commitment to initiatives in favor of a fruitful encounter between the world of school and the world of work. We consider the contribution of the new generations to be important and this is a project that allows us to involve students in the development of skills, and we also believe that on-the-job training sessions are an effective strategy for bridging the increasingly significant misalignment between supply and job application.

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