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FCF Fontanafredda Cold Forging and collaboration with Professional Institutes

FCF is always committed to promoting the importance of education and supporting young people in their professional aspirations. A tangible example of this commitment was the meeting held on Tuesday 7 March 2023 at the IPSIA institute in Sacile, mechanical address, at the invitation of MAW Man at Work.

During this special day, FCF representatives, Gianfranco Marcandella – R&D Manager, Giovanni De Savi – Design Engineer and Shara Tinor – Human Resources Manager, had the honor of presenting the company with its projects and experiences, to the 5th grade students, sharing information on the theme “Principles and phases of cold forming”.

During the meeting, the students had the opportunity to see and touch what a cold forging sequence is, thus directly observing the concrete advantages of this technology.

The enthusiasm of the students in asking questions and the interest in FCF know-how was evident, demonstrating the value of initiatives like this in encouraging the curiosity and development of the new generations.

FCF is aware of the importance of offering concrete opportunities to young people who are preparing to enter the world of work. This initiative, in addition to bringing young people closer to the industrial and technological reality of FCF, has the aim of opening up new perspectives and inspiring young people to undertake on a path of professional growth.

We conclude by thanking the Institute, MAW and all the students but above all by sending our best wishes to the young students who will finish their studies this year. We are sure that the skills acquired during the course of study will be an extraordinary springboard for a successful career. FCF is ready to support young talents on their journey, offering opportunities for professional growth and development


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