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01 JUNE 2023

FCF, in collaboration with COMET-Cluster of Metalworking of FVG, participated in the project “Mechanics Today, Voice for Entrepreneurs”. During this project, we had the opportunity to share our history, the evolution of the company, the technology we use and our commitment to sustainability.

What makes this initiative even more special is the emphasis placed on gender equality and attention to digitalisation. We have made evidence the importance of promoting an inclusive work environment, where men and women have equal opportunities for growth and success.

Additionally, we highlighted our commitment to digitization, recognizing that technological innovation is key to remaining competitive in today’s global marketplace. We have embraced new technologies and digital solutions to improve our processes and services, ensuring efficiency and operational excellence.

We are grateful for this opportunity to share our experience and vision with the business community. We want to thank COMET-Cluster della Metalmeccanica del FVG for making this project possible and for their commitment to promoting innovation and development in the sector.

FCF will continue to work to be an example of success in the mechanical industry, always keeping a keen eye on gender equality, sustainability and digitalisation. We are convinced that only through collaboration and innovation can we achieve extraordinary results and build a better future for everyone.

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